Benefits and procedure of dental implant

With the latest developments in technology, it has become very easy for an individual to go for a wide range of dental procedures available in the market. Earlier even after undergoing dental improvements and procedures people used to develop several gum diseases and tooth decay. Bridges and fixing dentures were the only major dental procedures which were available. But now there are dental implants wherein we can get the teeth roots replaced. The following are the various advantages of dental implants:

  • Comfort: these dental implants provide great comfort as they are very easy to fix and remove.
  • Ease of eating: as these dental implants don’t slip and would fit perfectly it would be very easy for you to chew food.
  • Better oral health: as you don’t need to alter the original teeth while going for dental implants, you can have better dental health and maintain hygiene for longer.
  • Improve appearance: as these dental implants fuse with the jaw bones they actually appear as natural as the real teeth.
  • Improvement in speech: you can have a better speech and communication, unlike slurring and mumbling which is caused by dentures.
  • High self- esteem and confidence: with a great smile you can maintain your confidence levels high.
  • Convenience: as these are fixed you need not remove and clean them, unlike dentures.
  • Durability: with regular dental checkups and proper dental care these dental implants can last for a lifetime.

The procedure of dental implant:

General dental implants are usually performed in the dental office with local anesthesia. If it’s a complicated situation then you may need to get hospitalized. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • A dental plate flush is placed into the gums similar to the roots. A certain healing period is provided after which the dental implant will be exposed by removing some gums covering it through surgery.
  • Here the surgeon would examine in order to check whether it got integrated into the gums and then drilled through gums. Then the artificial tooth will be implanted. Some doctors might follow both these steps at a time depending on the situation of the patient.
  • At last fabrication and the prosthetic teeth would be fixed.

Usually, the dental implants would not be covered under dental insurance but in some cases, the dental insurance would be provided by few insurance companies. As these dental procedures are quite expensive it’s always better to consult a doctor.

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